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The most frequently asked alumni question, answered:

No, there is no formal "alumni sign-up" system. If you would like to return as an alumni, and lend your support, you need simply to show up. We ask, upon arrival, that you register with brief medical info and any donation you’d like to make. We do not require donations, but, this is Marathon, so they are highly encouraged! Throughout the dance, you are free to come and go as you please, with the exception of during the overnight lock-down. There is always something to do, someone that needs help, and some new friend to make!

Alumni Medical Form

Greetings amazing Alumni,

Who’s ready for SHMD 2015?!  The Dance will take place on March 6th and 7th 2015, and we look forward to seeing you all there!  As usual there is plenty of work for us to do to help make this year’s dance a success!

The 2015 Alumni Committee will be led by Danielle McMahon (Dani), Emily Welsh and Jeremy Wood.  We are very excited to be in leadership roles again this year, and are looking forward to working with you all. 

Here are some friendly reminders and helpful tidbits to know before getting to the 2015 Dance:

-Please like our SHMD Alumni Facebook Page.  This is how we communicate updates, info and general need-to-know Alumni related items leading up to the Dance.  This website will still hold all pertinent alumni info if you do not use Facebook.

-Please see our Alumni table sometime after 4:30pm on Friday to purchase your Alumni merchandise!

-If you purchase a traditional Alumni short sleeve t-shirt ($20), and decide to don your fancy new purchase at the Dance, we will ask you to work if you wear it.  If you’d rather hang back, spend some cash and spectate we would ask you to refrain from wearing the short sleeve t-shirt while at the Dance.  It is important the Alumni who are working can be picked out from the crowds so we can attend to task as needed (and as you might remember, there are lots of tasks!).  Thanks for your understanding!

-Our alumni lounge will be in the upstairs wrestling room again this year.  Just look for the helpful signs to guide you if you lose the way.  Please be mindful of your personal belongings, the Dance is not responsible for anything lost or stolen.  Please see Andrew Havens with any Alumni Lounge questions or concerns. 

-If you wish to make an item to be sold by the Alumni at the Dance, and have the sole profits go to the Dance, please contact before Feb 1, 2015 with the name of the item, the number you wish to sell and the price per unit you will be giving us at the Dance.   All items must be in before the Dance for inventory purposes.
-Again, there will be no parking available at the High School without a permit.  There is not parking along Merritt Road, Elmwood, or Oakwood. Plan to park at Tanglewood School and take the shuttle bus over.   Buses will begin running at approximately 4:30 pm Friday.  There will be no buses after 10:30pm Friday, but they will begin again Saturday morning.

-We ask that you please bring one case of bottled water for Alumni consumption throughout the Dance and deliver it to the Alumni Lounge upon arriving at the Dance.   

-Opening ceremonies are at 7:00 pm.  Due to the number of dancers, Alumni working at the Dance will be asked to sit in the bleachers, in the Old Gym or in the LGI.  If you are a SHMD Alumni, but are there with your family or friends to spectate, please sit, spend that moola and enjoy!

-Our first Alumni meeting will be in the auditorium immediately following the close of the opening ceremonies.  Please do NOT bring any food, drink, or personal belongings into the auditorium.  You will be asked to leave food and drink outside of the auditorium upon entry.

-ATTENTION FRESHMAN ALUMNI:  There will be a need for about 40-50 freshman Alumni at 6pm Friday March 6th, so please email if you are interested in this amazing task!

-For safety reasons, there is no dancing allowed with the dancers.  During the closing ceremonies, Alumni will not be able to sit on the floor with dancers.  We kindly ask Alumni who are working to once again find a seat in the other approved viewing areas.

-Alumni will not be permitted to dine in the cafeteria, please bring extra moola to dine and donate at the SHMD snack bar! Alumni are also prohibited from any and all dancer rooms at all times.

Volunteers Needed:

We are looking for people who are anxious to sign up to help out!  Please contact the individuals below to sign-up:

*Parking for after school prep will be at the high school, however you will need to move your vehicle to a parking lot at 4:30pm, and please take the shuttle back to the school.  Thanks for your understanding!


Please remember there is a predetermined number of helping hands Alumni will need for each job throughout the Dance.  If the task you were looking to participate in has been scooped up by someone else, please don’t fret!  There are PLENTY of other helpful things to do.  If you are wearing your Alumni shirt, you will put you to work...remember…we love this job!

Please join our first Alumni meeting (in the auditorium immediately following the opening ceremony) to sign-up for the other important jobs we will need your help with throughout the Dance (i.e. overnight duties).  Sign-ups for those tasks are on a first-come-first-serve basis only.

If anything has been confusing or lacking information in this email, please join us at our first Alumni meeting after the opening ceremonies at the Dance.  

We truly look forward to seeing you at the Dance.  We are here to help the Dance run as smoothly as possible.  Let’s keep those amazing recipients and hardworking dancers in the forefront of our minds; after all, they are why we are there!  We are proud to call ourselves SHMD Alumni, and we hope you all feel the same.  We are looking for everyone to bring their positive energy and helping hands to do whatever is necessary to get the job done!  So, let’s roll up our sleeves and remember how much we love our job as the SHMD Alumni!

Thanks everyone!!
~Dani, Emily and Jeremy

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