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This area of the website is designed especially for you, so check back often for updates, info, changes and important announcements. Most importantly be sure to review the dancer code of conduct below:


Marathon Spirit Week is back again this year.

Coming Soon...


This Years Costume Parties are:

Flashback Friday

Awkward Family Photos

Bucket List

You are the heart of the dance. Every community member who buys a raffle ticket, every alumnus who bugs you to keep moving, and every person on the bleachers or holding the microphone is there to support you. YOU make each and every one of us extremely proud!

A few new important details regarding your belongings:

At 4:45pm Saturday, dancer bags will begin getting picked up so please pack yours up on your dinner meal break.

All of your belongings should be clearly marked, by a piece of tape with your name on it.

When it is your turn to pack up your things, they will be placed outside your assigned room, and you will resume dancing wearing your Dancer T Shirt. The alumni will then transport your belongings to the front hallway of the building. Boys’ items will be placed to the right and girls’ items will be placed to the left.

Dancer parents are asked to do the following:

Drive to the front of the building, retrieve your child’s belongings, proceeding out of the parking lot when you’ve collected everything. If you are planning to stay at the dance, please proceed out of the front parking lot to one of the designated parking lots so that you may ride the shuttle back to the school.


You MUST remember 4 things when you register: Your pledge money, Your pledge sheet, Your medical form, and Your Permission Slip. Forgetting means you will not dance!

Everyone is expected to participate in the costume parties

During the sleep break, all classroom lights will be turned off at 4:30am. If you are not sleeping in your room, you may spend your time in the gym or cafeteria.

ONLY dancers are permitted on the dance floor, for everyone’s safety. Anyone dancing is not a registered dancer will be asked to step off the dance floor. This includes little brothers and sisters

Dance on your feet...not on wheels. No rollerblades, skates, or Heelies will be permitted

The Dress code will be in full effect throughout the entire dance. No tank tops, short shorts, bare midriffs or flip flops (they aren’t comfy anyways!)

A tank top should be worn under any costume without sleeves. Shorts should be worn under any dress. And remember, you may be dancing in these costumes for a while

The only drinks allowed in the classrooms will be water and sports drinks

Room checks will take place during the dance, so when you are asked to be in your assigned room, that is exactly where you should be.

Mark ALL your bags very clearly with your room color, name and grade. Please be sure you know what they look like. If you have a medical emergency, chances are someone else will be gathering your things for you.

Don’t mess up the classrooms. Don’t act like fools. Use your head!

Don’t use the school computers during the dance.

Don’t bring anything, including for costumes, that could hurt or creates the illusion that it could hurt fake guns or weapons, roller blades, get the idea

Public Displays of Affection will not be matter how cute you think you are as a couple...everyone else thinks it’s gross!

Don’t use your cell phone on the dance floor. Some of our alums are broke college students and could definitely use new cell phones...if you want to keep it, keep it in your room

Be respectful. Every alumni, volunteer, security personnel, and advisor is there to make sure you have a great dance. We don’t travel all the way home, and give up our weekend for’s for YOU believe it or not.

Stay in the gym when you’re supposed to be in the gym...seems like common sense, but this also includes bathroom usage. Keep in mind when you’re hanging by the water cooler and downing Gatorade in your room that the time to use the bathroom is during the breaks ONLY

Stay on the dance floor when you’re supposed to be dancing. Don’t go up in the bleachers, under the bleachers, behind the bleachers....just stay on the floor and keep dancing!

A good rule of thumb? At any given time, somebody’s grandma, somebody’s little sister, and some reporter is watching you. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want your grandma to see, your little sister to mimic or your parents to see in the paper.

Once you’ve registered, you’re in till Saturday night. Only serious medical situations should cause you to go home early. Many people donated a lot of money in the expectation that you are going to dance for 28 hours. By taking their money, you promise them 28 hours. If you should have a serious medical situation, and are sent home, you may not return as a Dancer

If any of these rules are broken, you may be fortunate to receive a verbal warning. You can be removed from the dance should you continue to have a hard time following these rules.

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