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Are online transactions secure?

Active Network protects registrants’ payment information at all times using several thorough security policies and safeguards. Strict security begins at the point of data transmission, where we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption certificates issued by industry leader VeriSign ( on all of our payment servers.

This SLL encryption scrambles all payment information between the registrants’ computers and our servers, payment data is effectively locked away by storing payment data on separate servers that do not have direct access to the Internet, and protecting them from digital access using a firewall. Payment data is further secured by limiting access, in fact denying access, from the website. Our website does not read credit card data from the database, nor does it make that data available to event administrators using our data export utility. Thus, credit card data is never available on the Web site, never leaves the Active systems, and event administrators are protected from the risk they would incur if they had to store and protect that data themselves.

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