SHMD Current Recipients

Individual, Couple or Family Recipient’s  
Amy Austin of Lake George, in treatment for recurrence of breast cancer.
Benjamin Simpson of South Glens Falls has progressive cerebellar ataxia and is disabled.
Chloe Kimartin of Hudson Falls is being treated for osteosarcoma.
Cora Rosa Gargano of Gansevoort was born with congenital heart defects and needs surgery.
Crystal Marie Gates of Eagle Bridge is being treated for renal and ovarian cancer.
Daniel French of Glens Falls is fighting stage 4 renal cancer.
Liz Barcomb of South Glens Falls has cystic fibrosis and just received a double lung transplant.
Frank Ellsworth of Watervliet, diagnosed with esophageal and stomach cancer.
Jackie and Randy Tyner of Lake George, both battling leukemia. Jackie is preparing for a bone marrow transplant.
Jeremiah Casey  of South Glens Falls, is recovering after surgery to remove a brain tumor.
Jillian Harrington of South Glens Falls, a student at Oliver W. Winch Middle School, has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.
JoEllen Deluca of South Glens Falls, a single mother fighting breast cancer. Her daughter attends South High.
Kobel Family of Queensbury, whose four children, ages 10 to 21, lost their mother, Christine, in 2010 and father, Paul, in December.
Lauren Rowan of Galway has gastroparisis, epilepsy, and cystic fibrosis and needs a communication device.
Marie Law of Gansevoort is battling cancer and has had two operations since June.
Mary Lieberman of South Glens Falls, paralyzed from the waist down and needs a standing wheel chair.
Matthew Sorano of South Glens Falls, a 2012 South High graduate, has juvenile parkinson’s disease and would like an iPad to use as a communications device.
Melia Steed  of Albany, has spinabifida and a seizure disorder, and would like to expand use of her service dog to work with elementary school students.
Nicholas Rychcik of Ballston Spa, is being treated for desmoplastic small cell sarcoma.
Nick Heald of South Glens Falls, a former Marathon Dance student chairperson, and past recipeint, is in treatment for sonovial sarcoma.
Nola Byrne of Glens Falls has lymphoma and requires a bone-marrow transplant.
P.J. Viger of South Glens Falls was injured in a logging accident and would like to add attachments on his prosthetic arms.
Sarah Harrison-Pautard of Binghamton is fighting stage 3 colorectal cancer.
Sasha Blake  of Warrensburg is fighting stage 3 ovarian cancer.
Theodore McClouth  of South Glens Falls has ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease.
Timothey Brimmer of Gansevoort has MS and suffered a stroke.
Tom Collins of Glens Falls is fighting stage 4 colon cancer.
Tracey DelVecchio of Galway is fighting stage 4 metastatic melanoma.
Wendy Morin  of South Glens Falls, a secretary at Oliver Winch Middle School, is fighting pancreatic cancer.
Organizational Recipient’s  
CAPTAIN YOUTH & Family Services of Clifton Park, for a shelter for homeless and runaway teens in Malta.
Epilepsy Foundation of NENY to help teach nurses and first responders how to deal with people having seizures.
Hannah’s Hope Fund for GAN Created by the parents of Hannah Sames, who has Giant Axonal Neuropathy, to raise awareness of the disease and fund research.
Saratoga Hospital’s Mollie Wilmot Radiation Oncology Center to provide cancer patients with supplements, clothing and food.
Rebuilding Together Saratoga County to help repair homes of veterans, the elderly, the disabled or low-income families.
Saratoga Center for the Family an advocacy center in Saratoga Springs for victims of child abuse and domestic violence.
Moreau Community Center in South Glens Falls, to help fund their work with youth programs to prevent suicide.
Verhonica’s Butterflies  a foundation started in memory of infant Verhonica of Pottersville, who died in April 2012 of Neonatal Hemoshromatosis.
Warren Washington CARE Center a child focused, facility-based program in Glens Falls dealing with child abuse cases.
Wilton Food Pantry to buy boxes of juice and kid-sized food items to supply to families with children.


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