The South High Marathon Dance will
take place April 30th - May 1st, 2021.



Dance Signups



Dance Registration

You MUST remember 4 things when you register

Once you’re registered you are dancing until Saturday night.

Only medical situations should cause you to go home early. Many people donated money in the expectation that you are going to dance for 28 hours. By taking their money, you promise them 28 hours. If you should have a medical situation which requires you to be sent home, you may not return as a dancer.



  • Useful Information

  • During the sleep break, all classroom lights will be turned off at 4:30am. If you are not sleeping in your room, you may spend your time in the gym or cafeteria.
  • ONLY dancers are permitted on the dance floor, for everyone’s safety. Anyone dancing who is not a registered dancer will be asked to step off the dance floor. This includes little brothers and sisters.
  • Dance on your feet…not on wheels. No rollerblades, skates, or Heelies will be permitted.
  • A tank top should be worn under any costume without sleeves. Shorts should be worn under any dress. And remember, you may be dancing in these costumes for a while.
  • The only drinks allowed in the classrooms will be water and sports drinks.
  • Room checks will take place during the dance. Please report to your assigned room when asked to do so.
  • Mark ALL your bags very clearly with your room color, name and grade.
  • Don’t bring anything, including for costumes, that could hurt or creates the illusion that it could hurt anyone…no fake guns or weapons, roller blades, Frisbees…
  • Be respectful. Every alumni, volunteer, security personnel, and adviser is there to make sure you have a great dance.
  • Stay in the gym when you’re supposed to be in the gym and on the dance floor when you are supposed to be dancing.

Mandatory Dancer Meetings

  • Mandatory Dancer Meetings will take place in late March.  More information to follow.

All dancers must attend their assigned meeting.
If you cannot attend your mandatory dance meeting you MUST see Mrs. Sheldon prior to the assigned meeting date.  Any doctors appointments will require a note from the doctor.



A recommendation

A good rule of thumb? At any given time, somebody’s grandmother, somebody’s little sister, and some reporter is watching you. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see, your little sister to mimic or your parents to read in the paper.



Fundraisers on a Specific Students Name

If you are interested in conducting an fundraiser/event in the name of a specific student who is participating in the South High Marathon Dance:
Any event or fundraiser held to benefit the South Glens Falls Marathon Dance must have prior approval by the Marathon Dance events committee.



Theme and Spirit Information

Theme Rainforest
Costume Parties
  • TBD
Spirit Week
  • Monday : TBD
  • Tuesday : TBD
  • Wednesday : TBD
  • Thursday : TBD
  • Friday : TBD


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